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Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Bundle (1) 3 L Can, (1) 500 ml Bottle

$79.98 $69.99
(You save $9.99)

Product Description

We recommend this bundle to just about anyone. Not only is it a great deal, we also think it is wise to have a 500ml bottle on hand at all times, while keeping a 3L can in a cool, dark cupboard or closet. The bottle is small enough to take with you to work or to a neighbors house, or makes a great gift when you are a guest at a dinner party!


The olive used in our olive oil is the Koroneiki which is grown in the perfectly warm and stable climate of the Southern Peloponnese. The ideal conditions for the olive trees cultivation combined with the early harvest and the modern machinery used to press the olives are all instrumental in our quality and authenticity guarantee. Once produced via cold extraction, the Koroneiki offers a very balanced taste that combines a perfect mix of spicy and bitter. Our olives are hand picked from our century old GMO free trees and cold pressed with only mechanical pressing methods. Every batch is given a chemical analysis. All olives used in our oil are sustainably sourced from our olive orchards in Laconia Greece and are pressed within 48 hours of harvest.

The 500ml Bottle was carefully designed by true Olive Oil lovers. The dark shade of the glass was not chosen simply for aesthetic value, but rather to help minimize exposure to light. Let's face it, we all know that Olive Oil is preserved best in a cool, dark place like a cupboard. But it is very difficult to remember to store a bottle after each use! Combined with the personalized design of the label, the dark glass will not only keep the oil fresh, but will look great on your counter top when you repeatedly forget to store it!

The 500ml bottle has a screw-on cap along with a built in pourer for easy use. We recommend this product to anyone using our Olive Oil in any capacity. It also makes a wonderful gift for a friend!

Product Reviews

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  1. Delicious Olive oil

    Posted by lissette figueroa on Dec 22nd 2016

    So delicious I am tempted to drink it!
    I purchased this bundle once before and it lasted almost a year.
    Definitely good deal

  2. Great combination of containers and oil!

    Posted by Kerstin on Dec 20th 2016

    I love this oil, and by purchasing this combination I get a bottle I can refill from the can - which is the best of both worlds! Delicious Oil, really high quality, I really enjoy it!

  3. Just the truth

    Posted by Harry Costello on Sep 16th 2016

    This is a quality product. You get what you pay for. You can by a cheaper brand, but are getting the real deal??

  4. Yummy!

    Posted by Lisa Krall on Aug 17th 2016

    My order arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The oil is delicious, and if I had any doubt that I was biased - we had company, and I fixed a fresh green salad with Kasandrinos olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper as the only dressing. My guests raved about it and wanted to know what seasonings I had put on the salad. They were finding it hard to believe that the wonderful flavor was due mostly to the olive oil, never having had an oil of this quality before. I think I have new customers for you! We will be ordering again when our golden treasure is depleted.

  5. The best olive oil I've tried!

    Posted by Starrlett on Nov 10th 2015

    I ordered this olive oil after reading about it many times in the paleo community. It's deliciously fresh in salads and dips, but after reading the research about cooking with olive oil, I've decided it's safe to cook with as well. It gives any roasted vegetables over-the-top flavor. In my opinion, it's worth the price!

  6. Great product awesome taste

    Posted by Angela on Nov 9th 2015

    Did not know what true Olive oil was suppose to taste like until know.

  7. With Kasandrinos, olive oil is no longer relegated to the supporting cast – with such a dynamic flavor profile, it takes center stage

    Posted by Paleo Magazine on Feb 28th 2015

    Quality fats from reputable sources can be difficult to come by. The process of hydrogenation has made even honest lipids susceptible to some scrutiny. So when a company emerges with a focus on purity and transparency in the creation of their product, smart consumers will be wise to jump on board.
    Kasandrinos olive oils are imported directly from the family olive groves where they are grown and cold-pressed in the Sparta region of Greece. Founded by Effi and Tony Kasandrinos, the company combines their passion for health and love for family in a pristine product that honors both their personal heritage and the family's ancestral wisdom.
    The majority of the olives used to make Kasandrinos olive oil are of the Koroneiki variety, known for having high levels of polyphenols, potent antioxidants that can boost overall health. By harnessing the ideal growing conditions of the region, the Kasandrinos family presses the ripe olives within 48 hours of harvest using only cold extraction methods. All olive oil is then stored in temperature sensitive stainless steel tanks to protect from light and heat and maintain the freshest tasting olive oils.
    Kasandrinos olive oils are the perfect base for homemade salad dressings and marinades, and impart a flavor all their own to dishes. With Kasandrinos, olive oil is no longer relegated to the supporting cast – with such a dynamic flavor profile, it takes center stage.
    Kasandrinos olive oil is available for purchase online along with Kasandrino's olive oil-based skincare products, like Lush Lemon Rose Olive Oil Soap and Body Polishing Scrub.