Box of 20 Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Travel Packets (12ML)

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Box of 20 Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Travel Packets (12ML)

Perfect for on the go snacking!

20 Individual packets of Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Get as many as you need. Bring them to work or on trips or while meal prepping. We love them! 


  • Waste Reducing: The Kasandrinos Xela Pack is fully collapsible. 100 empty one ounce Kasandrinos Xela Pack occupy only 32 cubic inches as opposed to 432 cubic inches occupied by the same number of empty plastic bottles. This represents a 92% reduction in waste space.
  • Reduction in Packing Materials: The Kasandrinos Pack uses less material overall than a bottle or tube. By weight, the Kasandrinos Xela Pack represents a reduction in packaging materials of approximately 59% compared to bottles.
  • Reduction in Plastic: The Kasandrinos Xela Pack uses approximately 93% less plastic than similar sized bottles and tubes. Plastic is harmful to our environment and reduction of plastic use is an environmental necessity.
  • BPA Free: The Kasandrinos Xela Pack is BPA free which will be a comfort to even your most environmentally aware guests.
  • Less Residual Waste: An average plastic bottle after use contains approximately 20-30% leftover product. The Kasandrinos Xela Pack, however, allows full dispersal of the product, leaving behind only about 1% of the product after use.
  • Recycled Materials/SFI Certified: The Kasandrinos Xela Pack is made of a paper/foil/poly or paper/poly construction. Our standard material is made with SFI and FSC sourced paper. Kasandrinos Xela Packs constructed with 100% post consumer recycled paper are also available.
  • Incineration: The 2 layer structure (paper/poly) allows you to incinerate the Kasandinos Xela Pack after use.
  • Water-Soluble Ink and Varnish: Water-soluble ink and varnish eliminate harmful pollutants caused by other types of ink and varnish.
  • Shelf Life: The Kasandrinos Xela Pack’s laminate offers excellent barrier capabilities. The self-closing orifice prevents air from entering the Xela Pack after initial use, keeping your products fresh for multiple uses.
  • Tamper-Evident: The Kasandrinos Xela Pack is always tamper-evident without requiring an additional seal or material.
  • Quality: Our packaging withstands rigorous testing for compatibility and stability.

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  • 5
    Travel packets

    Posted by Anne on Aug 18th 2018

    Very convenient to have when traveling. Amazing flavor, too.

  • 5
    Travel friendly

    Posted by Jane on Jul 16th 2018

    This has made traveling and eating out so much better. I enjoy olive oil on my salads. Not knowing 100% what kind of oil I am offered in restaurants was my concern in the past. Problem is now solved. The taste is so good with a rich flavor. Thank You

  • 5
    Convenient and tasty!

    Posted by Fernanda on Jul 7th 2018

    I loved the idea of having high quality olive oil single packages when I go out to eat. I also use to season my salads at work. It tastes amazing and my conscience is so clean to know exactly what I’m eating!

  • 5

    Posted by Deb on Jun 30th 2018

    Love these packets. Always keep a few in my purse to use when eating out.

  • 5
    Love to take these with me!

    Posted by Susan on Jun 27th 2018

    I'm so excited to have a high quality olive oil that I can take with me to restaurants since I know that most restaurants don't carry high quality oil and those oils are often mixed with crappy oils like canola. I plan to continue ordering this as I run out.

  • 5
    The Best

    Posted by Deb on Apr 16th 2018

    This product far exceeds my expectations. The taste is so fresh & yummy. I love the convenience. I always have a couple in my purse so when I order my salads I just ask for lemon & pull out my olive oil! So easy!!

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