Hand Sanitizer doesn’t work as well as THIS

Posted by Anthony Kasandrinos on

Are you washing your hands wrong? We never gave it much thought until lately.

Yes, we have all heard that we are supposed to sing our ABCs while washing our hands and that is supposed to be enough right?

However, with frequent hand washing in warm or hot water with soaps or hand sanitizers that contain known chemicals, hands are becoming dry and cracked.


According to a 2013 FDA study, chemical-based anti-bacterial hand soaps have never been proven to be any more effective than washing with natural hand soap.

The best solution is to use a non-toxic hand soap that soothes skin with natural ingredients like aloe vera.

Our friends at Truly Free have developed a non-toxic hand soap with aloe vera that will keep you and your family safe & healthy.

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The more you wash your hands, the softer and more nourished they get.

It’s such a simple yet important way to keep our families safe and healthy.


Happy Lathering,

Tony, Effi and Efrosyni