Dear customers,

We apologize that we are currently OUT of our Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin olive oil. We just finished pressing and bottling out 2014/2015 winter harvest in Laconia, Greece. Our ¬†olive oil should have been here by now but we just recently got our “organic” certification and waited until this happened. We are in the process of labeling our bottles and as soon as we are done we will be shipping¬†everything to the USA. We are looking at mid to late March. In the mean time please check out our amazing skin care products and sign up for our newsletter to get the notice as soon as our oil gets here. Also, Stay tuned for the release of our premium¬†Balsamic vinegar, many new hand mixed spices, beeswax candles and a few other new products.

Thank you,

Tony and Effi Kasandrinos

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